Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Brief HTML Tutorial

I was reading a thread at Hit and Run, and one of the commenters was confused about link posting. I tried to post an explanation there, but the moderation on the server wouldn't let it go through. I eventually got fed up and decided to post it here instead. Sometime soon, I'll probably build a page with instructions on some basic HTML code useful for comments.

Jennifer: the idea behind Shawn's post was that if you want to link to, you type in <a href="">blah</a>.

When Shawn Smith gave his instructions, he used for a placeholder the website address "" Ask and Recieve (is this you?) thought that that was actually what you were supposed to type in inside the brackets, and thus put in the code
<a href=""></a>. What actually needed to happen was the code <a href="">here's the link</a>, which would produce this link:
here's the link.


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